Dr. Ashley Ross

Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis
Durban, South Africa

  • Associate Professor and former Acting-Executive Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the Durban University of Technology (DUT), South Africa.
  • Current Head of the Department of Homeopathy at the Durban University of Technology.
  • In private practice, and has been teaching homeopathic philosophy and materia medica for 28 years, as well as engaging in clinical and research supervision.
  • Has delivered lectures and seminars in South Africa, India, Latvia and the UK, presented research papers at congresses in 15 countries, and reviews for six international medical journals.
  • An internationally-regarded expert in the field of homeopathic provings.
  • Has served as the representative for Homoeopathy on the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA) for 10 years (2006-2016) and thereafter as a representative for Homeopathy on the Professional Board for Homoeopathy, Naturopathy and Phytotherapy (2017-2022).
  • Secretary for Research of the Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis.
  • Trustee and Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Homeopathy Research Institute (UK).

Dr. Farokh Master

Head Of Department Of Palliative Oncology
King Edward Memorial Hospital, Mumbai West, India

• India’s First MD in Homeopathy who stood First Class First with Gold Medal
• First Indian to be honoured by the House of Lords, UK for propagation of Homeopathic Systems of Medicine. • First Indian to introduce Homeopathy in Allopathic Modern Hospitals and private sector.
• Independently practicing as Homeopathic Physician at Homeopathic Health Center, Mumbai with over 29 years of experience in Homeopathic Consultation all over the world.
• First Indian Homeopath to start his own Homeopathy Schools in Europe & USA under the name of Dr. Farokh Master Summer School. This school is currently run in more than 6 countries.
• Rated as Top 10 Best Homeopathic Doctors in the world by Pioneer University, Oxon U.K., and Members of the Board of the Pioneer Homoeopathic Academy of U.K and thereafter conferred the Honorary Doctorate of Homeopathy in 2006
• Recognised and acknowledged worldwide for his contribution in the treatment of Cancer & Homeopathy at St Lukas Clinic of Tumor, Switzerland, Madame Curie Institute of Cancer, Paris, France, Chicago Children’s General Hospital, U.S.A., etc.
• Recipient of several National and International Awards / Honours for outstanding contribution to Classical Homeopathy, Cancer & Homeopathy, Homeopathic Education and other alternative therapies.
• Shared the platform with world renowned Dr. George Vithoulkas (Nobel prize winner for alternative Medicine) at the Similimum2000-Medicure Foundation, Mumbai
• Appointed, Medical Inspector for Central Council of Homoeopathy by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India from 1995 - 2006.
• Author of 55 enlightening and informative books on a variety of topics.
• Former Professor of Medicine (June 1989), Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nasik, Mumbai, India • Former Member (for 10 years), Central Council of Homeopathy, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India.
• Prolific writer, orator, teacher and physician, has travelled to nearly 40 countries and makes 12-15 international trips per annum.
• Proven leadership skills with an innate ability to bond teams and make them effective in handling complicated cases.
• Have been invited to lecture at various institutions in India and abroad on a variety of topics related to health, homeopathy and alternative medicine.
• A sensitive, warm and caring professional coupled with excellent people management skills.

Dra. Kavita Chandak

Reeshabh Homeo Consultancy, Nagpur, India

Dr. Kavita is a passionate homeopath honored by three Golden Book of World Records for treating kidney disorders and success in a case of mucormycosis. She is an author, international trainer, speaker and promoter of homeopathy, specializes in autism, infertility,psychiatric disorders, kidney diseases and cancer. She is PG Guide in MUHS and attached with P.D.Jain Homeopathic medical college. As an invited keynote speaker, she spoke in New Zealand, seven Russian international conferences, Romania ,Greece, JAHC 2023 & 2024 and in 76 th LMHI Colombia.

She authored eight books

  1. Health Vs Disease
  2. Homeopathic Guide for easy and busy practice
  3. Healing Woman with Homeopathy
  4. Homeopathy is fun; dedicate and learn!
  5. Homeopathy is Logic and Magic!
  6. OCD, hypochondriasis and depression- Homeopathy has the answer!
  7. Psychiatric diseases- causes and cases
  8. Uncover the mystery of schizophrenia with different homeopathic approaches.

Online courses

How to Master Psychiatry
Womanhood –Solutions in all disorders including Cancer Homeopathy and Autism – In and Out.


Recepient of 11 prestigious awards including the recent "Excellence in Homeopathy-2022" by Hpathy.com.

Dr. Marcelo Candegabe

Universidad Candegabe, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Academic Engagements

Direct disciple of the esteemed master Tomás Pablo Paschero, Marcelo Candegabe has carved a significant path in the field of holistic medicine and education.

As the Founder and Director General of "Universidad Candegabe" Distance Learning University, he pioneered innovative approaches to disseminating knowledge, ensuring accessibility to education beyond geographical constraints.

His groundbreaking contributions include the development of the HUMA Method and the "Candegabe Algorithm," which have revolutionized the understanding and application of holistic practices.

A visionary in the field, Candegabe is credited with the creation of Impregnology, a discipline that delves into the intricate connections between individual health and environmental influences.

He served with distinction as the former President and Director of the Escuela Médica Homeopática Argentina (EMHA) "Tomás P. Paschero," leaving an indelible mark on the institution's legacy.

At EMHA, Candegabe held esteemed positions such as Director of the Chair of Homeopathic Medical Doctrine and Professor Emeritus of Homeopathic Medical Doctrine and History of Homeopathy. His teachings, spanning over two decades, have shaped the minds of countless practitioners worldwide.

A prolific author, Marcelo Candegabe has penned several seminal works that have become foundational texts in the field of holistic medicine:

  • "Impregnología" (UCH Editores, 2012)
  • "Escritos sobre Homeopatía" (Edit.Club de Estudio 1996, translated into Italian)
  • "Aproximación al Método práctico y preciso de la Homeopatía Pura," in collaboration with Dr. Hugo Carrara, (Edit. Lalaye 1997, translated into Italian, Portuguese, and German, with an English edition in progress)
  • "Diálogos con Tomás Pablo Paschero" (Edit. Lalaye 1997)
  • "Bases y fundamentos de la doctrina y clínica médica homeopáticas," in collaboration with Lic. Ida Deschamps (Edit. Kier 2002)
  • "Aproximación al Método de la Homeopatía Pura," (Edit. Kier 2006, 2nd expanded and corrected edition)



Dr. Gheorghe Jurj

Arhc, Timisoara, Romania

Gheorghe Jurj, MD, PhD

  • Recognised as pioneer of making a conjunction between Semiotics, Homeopathy and Decision Making with several published articles. Pioneer of Visual Homeopathy with many courses on the issue.
  • MD, specialised GP, practising homeopathy since 1990. PhD at the Philosophy Dept , West University, a thesis on Semiotics of CS. Pierce ( recently pulblished 2023, as ~ Deconstruction of Tradition in C.S. Pierce- Reality as a Sign~, at Chambridge Scholar Publisher).
  • Practicing exclusively homeopathy in a bussy clinic from 1990. Teaching homeopathy since 1996, various courses on clinical homeopathy in Romania, Spain, Brasil, Argentina,USA, Ukraine, Germany, Russia. Recently “Pediatrics from A to Z” (180 hours) in USA; “ Geriatrics from A to Z” (80 hours) in Spain, “Psoriazis from A to Z” (48 hours) in Spain
  • More than 50 articles published in renowned journals in Romania. Italia, UK, USA, India, Italy, Ukraine, Brasil on different topics of homeopathy, semiotics and decision making
  • 10 books on Homeopathy in different languages . Author of Homeopathic Album , an ilustrated MM www.dr-jurj.com/
  • Senior Editor of Revista Romana de Homeopatie, member in several redactional board of alternative medicine journals
  • Life Honorary President (former executive) of Asociatia Romana de Homeopatie Clinica, leading
    a 3 year of Master Homeopathy.

Jaume Costa

Jaume Costa holds a Doctorate in Medicine from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a Master's in Public Health from the University of Texas. He studied homeopathy at the Institut Homéopathique Français in Paris and at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine in London. He currently practices in Ireland and has been using polarity analysis for 10 years. He has conducted training sessions on polarity analysis in various countries and has published cases resolved with polarity analysis. Jaume is the Secretary-General of the European Committee for Homeopathy, Secretary of the Homeopathic Medical Academy of Barcelona, and a member of the Faculty of Homeopathy in the United Kingdom.

Victoria Claramunt Palou

ID 37721347J Guipuzkoa Medical Association No.: 3327
D.O.B: July 19, 1952.

  • Graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the Central University of Barcelona 1976
  • General Medicine Internship at the Provincial Hospital of Guipuzkoa, from October 1976 to January 1978.
  • Medical Resident in Gynecology and Obstetrics at Princes of Asturias Residence, Bellvitge, Hospitalet, from February 1978 to January 1981.
  • Specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics. Assistant Gynecologist at the Social Security Clinic in Gros (San Sebastian) from May 1981 to October 1982.
  • Emergency Doctor at Clinics in Azpeitia, San Sebastian, and Zarautz from October 1982 to January 2004.
  • Specialist in Family Medicine in 1991 / Special Osakidetza call for other specialists.
  • Specialist in Homeopathy and Health by the University of the Basque Country. January 2000.
  • Family Doctor at the Zarautz Health Center from January 2004 until retirement in July 2017.
  • Private Medical Practice: Private consultation in Gynecology and Homeopathy from October 1983 to January 2004.

International cooperation:

  • Street doctor in the Leogane Region of Haiti July 2010 for the local Red Cross. Rehabilitation of the AIM Hospital in the City of Obo (Central African Republic) and training of health workers, in February and March 2018. Speaks Spanish, Catalan, French, Basque, and English.

Niurka Meneses Moreno


  • Master's Degree in Homeopathy 2018, Homeopathic Medical Academy of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.
  • Doctorate in Sciences 2010, Center for Genomic Sciences, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).
  • Diploma in Agrohomeopathy 2002, Mountain Faculty of Escambray, Santi Espiritus, Cuba.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Nuclear Physics 1990, Higher Institute of Nuclear Sciences and Technologies, Havana, Cuba.


Currently works in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Bern.

Specialist in Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Proteomics, Mass Spectrometry, and Agrohomeopathy.

Jaume Costa

Jaume Costa es doctor en Medicina por la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona y Master en Salud Publica por la Universidad de Texas. Estudió homeopatía en el Institut Homéopathique Français de París y en el Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine de Londres. Actualmente ejerce en Irlanda y utiliza el análisis de polaridad desde hace 10 años. Ha impartido formaciones sobre el análisis de polaridad en varios países y ha publicado casos resueltos con el análisis de polaridad. Jaume es Secretario General del European Committee for Homeopathy, Secretario de la Academia Medico Homeopática de Barcelona y miembro de la Faculty of Homeopathy del Reino Unido.

Victoria Claramunt Palou

DNI 37721347J nº Col Guipuzkoa:3327
F.N: 19 julio 1952.

  • Licenciada en Medicina y Cirugía por la U. Central de Barcelona 1976.
  • Internado en Medicina general en Hospital Provincial de Guipuzkoa, desde octubre 1976 a Enero 1978.
  • MIR en Ginecología y Obstetricia en Residencia Príncipes de Asturias, Bellvitge, Hospitalet, de Febrero 1978 a Enero 1981.
  • Especialista en Ginecología y Obstetricia.
  • Médico Ayudante de Ginecología en Ambulatorio de la Seguridad Social de Gros (San Sebastián) de Mayo 1981 a Octubre 1982.
  • Médico de Urgencias de Ambulatorios, Azpeitia, San Sebastián y Zarautz desde Octubre 1982 a Enero de 2004.
  • Especialista en medicina de Familia en 1991 / Convocatoria especial de Osakidetza para otros especialistas.
  • Especialista en Homeopatía y Salud por la Universidad del País Vasco. Enero 2000.
  • Médico de Familia del Centro de Salud de Zarautz desde Enero de 2004 hasta jubilación en 2017 ( julio)
  • Ejercicio Privado de la Medicina: Consulta privada de Ginecología y Homeopatía desde Octubre de 1983 a Enero de 2004.

Cooperación internacional:

Medico de calle en la Región de Leogane de Haití Julio 2010 para Cruz roja Local. Rehabilitación del Hospital AIM de la Ciudad de Obo (Republica Centro africana) y formación de sanitarios, los meses de febrero y marzo 2018.Habla Castellano, Catalán, Francés, Euskera e Inglés.

Niurka Meneses Moreno


  • Maestría en Homeopatía 2018, Academia Medico Homeopática de Barcelona, Barcelona, España.
  • Doctorado en Ciencias 2010, Centro de Ciencias Genómicas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM).
  • Diplomado en Agrohomeopatía 2002, Facultad de Montaña del Escambray, Santi Espíritus, Cuba.
  • Licenciatura en Física Nuclear 1990, Instituto Superior de Ciencias y Tecnologías Nucleares, La Habana, Cuba.


Actualmente trabaja en el Departamento de Química y Bioquímica de la Universidad de Berna.

Especialista en Biología Molecular, Biotecnología, Proteómica, Espectrometría de Masas y Agrohomeopatía.

Welcome from the President of the Organizing Committee

Alberto Sacristán Rubio
President of the Congress

It is a tremendous pleasure for me to welcome each of the attendees from the 76 countries around the world to this 77th World Congress of Homeopathy of the LMHI. This extraordinary event, organized under the auspices of the Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI), will take place in the captivating country of Spain, with the historic city of Seville as our gracious host, under the theme “United to Continue Advancing.”

The commemoration of the 100 years since the proposal to establish an international association to defend, disseminate, and globally support Homeopathy at the International Congress of Homeopathy, held in Barcelona, Spain, in 1924, which resulted in the formation of the Liga Medica Homeopathica Internationalis (LMHI) during the congress the following year in Rotterdam, with 14 representatives from 9 member countries, is reason enough to celebrate this anniversary with the organization of this congress in our country.

The National Assembly of Homeopathy, ANH, comprised of the Spanish Society of Homeopathic Medicine (SEMH), the Spanish Federation of Homeopathic Physicians (FEMH), the Spanish Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists (AEFHOM), and the Spanish Society of Veterinary Homeopathy (SEHV), is the organizer of this international meeting, to which all organizations and individuals associated with the LMHI are invited, as well as any entity or collective from the professional, scientific, university field, in addition to users and patients interested in the knowledge, development, and dissemination of Homeopathy, a therapy founded on the scientific method by its founder, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

Seville (Spain), the city where Dr. Prudencio Querol Cabanes, a pioneer of Homeopathy in Spain, was born, lived, and died, which he introduced in 1832 in the city of Badajoz (Extremadura), has been chosen as the venue to celebrate this significant anniversary.

Dr. Querol, during his stay in the city of Badajoz, developed his professional activity at the San Sebastián hospital where he held the position of surgeon until 1838 when he returned to Seville, having stood out for the successes obtained with his homeopathic medicines in the treatment of chronic patients and, above all, in the treatment of those affected by the cholera epidemic that devastated the region between 1832-1834.

Thus, in recognition of the work of this illustrious Sevillian, Dr. Prudencio Querol Cabanes, Seville has been chosen as the venue for this important International Medical Congress that we proudly organize with the vocation of serving as a global showcase where all the benefits that the use of Homeopathy in the different fields of health, both for humans and for animals and plants, will be shown.

In this sense, it is worth highlighting the ONE HEALTH approachdefined by the CDC in 1947 by James H. Steele, a veterinarian specialized in public health. This concept refers to the interdisciplinary approach to minimize harm and maximize the benefits of joint management of people’s health. animals and the environment, requiring the intervention of multidisciplinary teams to design effective measures.

Thus, it is recognized that the health of humans, domestic and wild animals, plants, and the general environment (including ecosystems) are closely linked and interdependent. “One health” summarizes a concept we have known for over a century: animal health, human health, and plant health are interdependent and linked to the ecosystems in which they live.

And here Homeopathy can play a crucial role in the global improvement of the planet by contributing to solving health problems such as resistance to antibiotics both in human and animal health (by being able to improve the immune system, favoring antibiotic action and avoiding the need for repeated pharmacological treatments) or the worrying increase in the level of soil and water pollution due to the abuse of fertilizers and pesticides.

This Congress also aspires to show the great work of so many colleagues, around the world, in the integration of Homeopathy in the different health systems, as the WHO has been advising in its strategy 2014-2023.

Under the motto “United to continue advancing”, this congress, which we have organized with so much enthusiasm and enthusiasm, presents as a novelty the participation in it of patient associations, which will have a space to carry out their own activities and initiatives in support of Homeopathy. We are convinced that bringing and integrating these patient associations into the LMHI’s organizational chart will be of great value in the development and expansion of Homeopathy at the service of all Humanity.

A second novelty is to offer, simultaneously to the congress, an International Homeopathy Exhibition for all those who wish to approach it, as a way of dissemination and social awareness towards this therapy.

As a third novelty, in the commercial exhibition we will have a stand of Authorsof works related to Homeopathy, with the aim of personally introducing the author and his work so that we can all enjoy this extraordinary experience. As you can see, the congress program will include debate tables, presentations, communications, posters, and workshops, as well as keynote lectures in the opening and closing sessions.

I hope, along with the entire organizing team, that the scientific program will fulfill the hopes and expectations of all attendees. Likewise, we are confident that the beautiful city of Seville will be the ideal setting to enjoy all the social events and, above all, its history, folklore, and gastronomy, as well as the character and warmth of its people.

With the greatest wish for success for all, receive a warm and fraternal embrace: “United to Keep Advancing”